It has been over a year of the taproom being closed. We knew we would make it but honestly didn’t think this pandemic would drag on this long. And, we are not out of the woods yet. However, our staff has started getting vaccinated and we have many customers who are also vaccinated to some degree. We have a food permit now and a plan to reopen our doors. Read on if you would like to know the details!

When will you be open?
In order to ease into this whole reopening thing and to do so in a measured and safe manner, we will be open Thursday and Friday 4-9pm and Saturdays 12-5pm. If the weather is nice and we are seating guests outside we cannot set up The Dock until 5pm on weekdays due to the shipping constraints of our building mates.

What is your capacity?
Inside first: we are going to sit parties of 6 at the two big tables up front, two tables of 4 in the back and then a party of 4 at the back bar across from the bathrooms. So, 24 inside. Outside: the set up will be the same on The Dock as it has been with a capacity around 32 guests.

Can I sit inside, outside or both?
For now, our plan is as follows. If the weather is nice, we will be outside only. If the weather is junky, we will be inside only. This may change as our staff gets fully vaccinated and case numbers drop in the region. Please pay attention to the different hours of draft service which is dependent on the weather.

Wait, you have a food permit?
Yeah, we got a food permit. Having our food vendors at the brewery is awesome but booking them is a lot of work. And we want them to be successful when they come to the taproom. With the pandemic still not over, our capacity numbers limited and with the weather playing a big role in how many people might show up, we cannot allow them to take all the risk to serve food to you for us to be open. So, we bought a hot dog steamer and a convection oven and will be serving hot dogs and pretzels.

Will you still have food trucks?
YES! Just sparingly for now. For example, Empanada Dada is on our schedule for every other Friday. As the weather improves and the pandemic lessens we will have more confidence to bulk up our food vendor frequency and options. Please note: if we have a food vendor on site we will NOT be making food. We ask that you purchase food from them to show your support.

Can I bring my dog?
For now, since we have the food permit, we can only allow service dogs per Beverly Board of Health.

When can I bring my dog then?
Well, once the state removes the food requirement for you to have a beer at the taproom, we will surrender our food permit, pack up the steamer and the oven and open back up to puppers in the taproom and The Dock.

Are kids still allowed?
Yes, of course, but please just make sure they stay seated with you at your table.

We shut down our taproom on Sunday, March 15, 2020 when it was clear that the pandemic was starting to rage in Massachusetts. We have endured a year of being closed to normal draft service. We have pivoted, adapted and improved our business. You have graciously come along for the ride. We could have reopened back in Phase 2 with a food permit but it was not safe for our staff or for our guests. We are now in Phase 4, the state is beginning to reopen and we think we have developed our own approach to keep you and our employees safe and happy. We reopen our doors to you on Thursday, April 1, 2021. No joke. When you feel comfortable, we hope you will join us at 59 Park St for hot dogs, pretzels and beers!

Christen and Camille. Soft Opening – February, 20, 2016

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