Well, folks, we have a busy month coming up! It’s kind of more of a busy first few weeks of March, but that is pretty typical for us that time-a-year.

The First Weekend of March

This is our 7th (SEVENTH!) anniversary weekend. Holy moly. We make an effort to have fun things planned for the whole weekend, although our literal anniversary is March 4th at 4pm. It’s like a birthday, right? You were born at a certain time on a certain day but in reality you celebrate the whole day, or weekend, or week, or for some folks (ahem) the whole month. The birthday month folks are the best. They are so awesome they need to whole month to celebrate how awesome they are.

Okay, back to the taproom. Here is what we are doing:

Thursday, March 2 – Hill Country Market BBQ – 6pm
Before we get to the food, please note that we are releasing four beers in cans (maybe draft too) to mark the start of the celebration. West Coast DIPA, K├Âlsch, Imperial Porter and Irish Red will all be available to go. It is also the 5th anniversary of our RunABV run club. They run every, I mean EVERY, Thursday at 6pm for a 3.1 mile loop through Ryal Side that begins and ends at 59 Park Street. Come get your yearly run in or join for the first time! It is a great group. A little crazy, but great. Also, there are free snacks.

Also, HCM joins us with some BBQ for some post-run fuel or mid-beers sustenance. Or both. It can be both. Come start our birthday weekend off right!

Friday, March 3 – Empanada Dada – 4-8pm
The long awaited return of Empanada Dada is happening! For all of y’all who have asked when he is coming back, it is now! And if you are new to the brewery and have not experienced these fried pockets of amazing, well, mark your calendar.

Saturday, March 4 – Spicy Kathy release – High noon
As requested by Christen, we brewed Spicy Kathy to commemorate our 7th anniversary. Never heard of Spicy Kathy before? Well, it is named after our down-the-street neighbor Kathy who would only ever drink our Blonde. One day in 2019, she was brave enough to try our Spiced Vienna Lager (it’s old name) and then she went around telling everyone they had to try it. Like, everyone. So we renamed it Spicy Kathy. Long story longer, its a Vienna lager that we spice with dried Cascabel and cayenne peppers.

Sunday, March 5 – Sunday Supper w/ Hill Country Market – Time TBD (Noon?, 2pm?)
We are starting a new series and concept called Sunday Supper. We have partnered with one of our favorites, Hill Country Market BBQ, to launch this event. Here is the skinny: The majority of the meals will be sold as presale. There will be a limited quantity available for purchase day-of at the brewery. Once the menu is decided we will share the link where you purchase your meal. Then, you show up at the taproom where you can get a beer or two and be served your meal. Here is how we see it playing out…You check in with HCM. They give you a little starter (say, chips and queso). You get a beer. They bring you your supper. You enjoy that, maybe with another beer. Then, they might even have a little dessert option for you. Simple but also elevated. The idea is to do it once a month, on the first Sunday.


The Second Weekend of March

Thursday, March 9 – RunABV Run Club – 6pm
Just another shout out here for our awesome run club. Keep in mind we do have folks who walk (Walk ABV) and they typically start earlier so that they are back at the taproom in time for the real reason everyone gets together every Thursday. Cribbage is also played if you are looking to learn a new skill.Weekly Run Club

Friday, March 10 – Acoustic Covers w/ Toby Turner – 6-9pm
We recently obtained an entertainment license so we are hosting some live acts at the taproom now. One of our Mug Club members/cribbage players is a really talented musician and music teacher. If you have not heard Toby play yet, you should mark your calendar for this event. His song choices are great and for the old people in the crowd, the volume level is perfect. We love what he does and you will too!

Saturday, March 11 – Drag Show w/ Miz Diamond Wigfall – 7:30-9:30pm
If you want a nice quiet evening out (post-7pm) this is not for you. But if you want to get wild, turn up for this event! Miz Diamond & DJ Maxine put on a great show and have built quite a following in Beverly. We are happy and proud to continue hosting them at our taproom. Bring those dollar bills, y’all.


The Third Weekend of March

Thursday, March 16 – Casks on Park – 4pm
We have been doing a quarterly cask festival with Backbeat Brewing because we both have a love of real ale. Pete’s borders on obsession (in a good way). We are going to try something new this time around. On Thursday, we are going to tap a cask of Irish Red. Then, on Friday we will tap a cask of Stout. And on Saturday we will tap a pin of Vienna Lager. This is the base beer for Spicy Kathy, without the spicy. This way there is a fresh cask every day and it is less beer for us to keep cold through the weekend and more folks to drink the casks that are tapped. We hope this results in less beer wasted and more real ale enjoyed by all!

Friday, March 17 – St. Patrick’s Day – SPECIAL HOURS – Open at noon
Paul will be opening the taproom at noon and tapping that aforementioned cask of stout. So, take some PTO and come have a few pints. Also, we are working with Hill Country Market to see if Robert can make us some Texas Pastrami sandwiches. The hope is that he can get here for 2pm, but it is possible it’s not until 4 or even 6. More details to come, obviously. But either way, there will be food, cask beer and maybe even green beer.

Saturday, March 18 – Barre Fight & A Pint – 10:45am
Join instructor Marissa Szabo for an amazing workout, pre-beers. Learn to fight like the Irish and get your sweat on in the process. There might also be some swearing. Get your tickets now!

Sunday, March 19 – Cribbage Tournament – 1-4pm
Larry and Tom, some of our resident Thursday night cribbage players, wanted to host a tournament at the taproom so of course we said yes! There will be a sign-up sheet eventually, with 16 spots available and prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers. Come have a go around the board!


So, that’s all we’ve got for now. On the brewing side of things we are making all of your favorite summertime beers in March for release at the end of April just ahead of the Beverly Beer Mile Spring Crawl on April 29. Get your shoes ready!

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