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Current Draft List
Updated: July 16, 2020

You may order growlers, cans and bottles online for pick up or you may also now place walk-in or walk-up orders at the brewery. Taproom is open for pick ups Thursday and Friday 6-10pm and the Beer Window is open Saturday 12-4pm.

Taproom Draft and Growlers

Barrel Aged Tripel – 9.2%
We brewed this Belgian Tripel back in July 2019 and aged it in a wine barrel for 5ish months. Light in color, bone dry and effervescent. This is the Champagne of beers.

Light caramel malts add a touch of sweetness to the bitterness provided by American and English hops, providing the way for a balanced beer with no palate fatigue.

Porter – 4.5% – CANS AVAILABLE
A touch of roasted barley adds color to the darker caramel malt. Mt. Hood and Tettnang hops take the place of traditional hops to modernize this English classic.

Summer Sour – 4.5% – CANS AVAILABLE
A kettle sour with all the berries, and a little bit of mint.

After the Sour kicks: Kürs Golden Ale – 5.0% – CANS AVAILABLE
Brewed with a percentage of corn and fermented with Kölsch yeast.

India Barrel Ale – 5.2%
An IPA fermented in stainless, aged in a wine barrel and dry hopped in stainless. A unique offering.

sMAsh Rakau – 4.5%
Bringing this recipe out of the vault from 2017. Pilsner and Triticale malt from Valley Malt and hopped with Centennial and Rakau from Four Star. Triticale is a wheat/rye hybrid so the beer is a little spicy and the hops provide flavors and aromas of stone fruit, lemon and a little bit of grass. A great summertime beer!

Helles – 5.7%
A light German-style lager, minimally hopped. A bready flavor and a clean finish.

Spicy Kathy – 5.0%
Our Vienna Lager (see above) but spiced with cascabel and cayenne peppers. Just enough heat to make it enjoyable. Named for our neighbor, Kathy, who surprised even herself when she loved this beer.

Cans To-Go$17/4pk + dep. Includes $1 gratuity during pandemic.
Farmhouse – a light Belgian saison without all the barnyard flavors

American Table Beer – a Belgian-style pale ale dry hopped with Comet and Teamaker hops. Flavors of lemon and black tea.

Hefeweizen – a light German wheat ale with flavors of banana and clove

Bitter – a sessionable English pale ale

Summer Sour – all the berries

Kürs Golden Ale – perfect for any socially distant banquet

Our Year Round offerings, Blonde, IPA, Porter, Stout, are available in cans as well.

Coming Thursday, July 30!

Ryal Side Pale Ale – 5.0%
Using our American Pale Ale recipe as a base, we hopped and dry hopped this beer with whole leaf Cascade grown right here in Ryal Side, Beverly, MA! Thank you to Mike Barry for patiently storing these hops while we got around to brewing this beer. Donating $200 to Ryal Side Civic Association as a thank you to Mike.

I’ll Be Back On Draft Soon!

Blonde – 4.5% – CANS AVAILABLE
Simple light malts paired with Tettnang and Mt. Hood hops to deliver a refreshing beer for any day or season. This is also a gluten-reduced offering.

Stout – 4.6% – CANS AVAILABLE
Crystal and light caramel malts combined with roasted barley lay the foundation for Mt. Hood and East Kent Golding hops. Not too sweet, this beer finishes dry enough to have you coming back.





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