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What's on Tap at Gentile Brewing


 Updated: May 23, 2019

Cans of Divergent Recipe #15 and Farmhouse available in limited quantities. $16/4pk.

Year-Round Beer

Blonde – 4.2%
Simple light malts paired with Tettnang and Mt. Hood hops to deliver a refreshing beer for any day or season.

IPA – 4.7%
Light caramel malts add a touch of sweetness to the bitterness provided by American and English hops, providing the way for a balanced beer with no palate fatigue.

Porter – 4.1%
A touch of roasted barley adds color to the darker caramel malt. Mt. Hood and Tettnang hops take the place of traditional hops to modernize this English classic.

Stout – 4.2%
Crystal and light caramel malts combined with roasted barley lay the foundation for Mt. Hood and East Kent Golding hops. Not too sweet, this beer finishes dry enough to have you coming back.

Rotational Beer

American Table Beer – 3.7%
This beer has been on the to-brew list for a while. Fermented with our Abbey yeast strain which delivers some nice fruity and hopped with Comet (citrus and pine) and Teamaker (black tea and earth) for both post-boil and dry hop. The beer tastes like an Arnold Palmer, a blend of iced tea and lemonade!

Farmhouse – 5.2%
Brewed with pilsner base malt and 20% wheat this beer is light, dry and refreshing. Gently hopped with Mt. Hood and Tettnang and fermented with a saison yeast that is fruity and spicy. It is summer is liquid form! And this year, for the first time, it will be available in limited quantities in 16oz 4-packs to-go starting Thursday, May 2.

Hefeweizen – 4.2%
Summer officially arrives with the release of our German-style ale. Made with 50% wheat and a subtle amount of noble hops, this beer has a nice snap to it! The beautiful fruity esters of the yeast come through without overpowering flavors of banana or clove.

Espresso Porter – 4.2%
Our porter aged in a Far From The Tree cider barrel that aged their cider on espresso beans. This is way outside the box for us and is a truly unique unrepeatable beer. We hope you enjoy it because you will never have it again!

CANS ONLY!!! To stay or to go.
Divergent – 6.2% – Recipe #15
Our series of American IPAs using an ever-changing combination of malt and hops. Recipe #15 contains 30% wheat and some flaked oats to provide a soft malt backbone. We chose to use Crosby Hop Farm 2017 proprietary hop blend for this recipe to achieve a balanced flavor and aroma of orange, pineapple and mango. Fermented with a new yeast called Coastal Haze from White Labs. It gave it that HAZE BRO! 

Coming Soon!

Thursday, May 30
Kölsch – A German-style ale that ferments colder than most ales. The yeast supplies a distinct clean fruitiness.

Thursday, June 13
Divergent Recipe #16 – Our series of American IPAs using an ever-changing combination of malt and hops. Same malt and yeast as Recipe #15. Changed the hops to Loral and Amarillo. Should be quite floral with notes of tropical fruit and citrus.

At some point…
– A light German lager, malty with a subtle noble hop character.

sMAsh – Valley Malt Pilsner and Triticale (a wheat and rye hybrid) and hopped with Four Star Farms Magnum and Centennial. Expect huge aromas of pineapple and lemon.



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