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 Updated: January 9, 2020

Please Be Aware. Starting on Friday, December 27 begins six straight weeks of casks on Friday. If you like real ale, January is for you!

New Bottle Release!!! – Christmas Ale 2019 – A dark, strong English ale brewed with sweet orange peel, cinnamon and clove. 22oz bottles available for $12.25 + dep.

Cans To-Go$16/4pk + dep.
Divergent Recipe #10

Taproom Draft and Cans

Year-Round Beer

Blonde – 4.8%
Simple light malts paired with Tettnang and Mt. Hood hops to deliver a refreshing beer for any day or season.

IPA – 5.3%
Light caramel malts add a touch of sweetness to the bitterness provided by American and English hops, providing the way for a balanced beer with no palate fatigue.

Porter – 5.0%
A touch of roasted barley adds color to the darker caramel malt. Mt. Hood and Tettnang hops take the place of traditional hops to modernize this English classic.

Stout – 4.9% – Replaced for a limited time with sMAsh Stout
Crystal and light caramel malts combined with roasted barley lay the foundation for Mt. Hood and East Kent Golding hops. Not too sweet, this beer finishes dry enough to have you coming back.

sMAsh Stout – 5.4%
We brewed a stout with all local ingredients: malt from Valley Malt and hops from Four Star Farms. Rich and chocolatey with a hint of strawberry from the Pepite hops.

Rotational Beer

Weizenbock – 6.7%
A dark, strong German wheat ale. Banana and clove esters of a hefeweizen, the color of a dunkelweizen and the strength of a bock.

Barrel Aged Tripel – 9.2%
We brewed this Belgian Tripel back in July and aged it in a wine barrel for 5ish months. Light in color, bone dry and effervescent. This is the Champagne of beers.

Belgian Pale Ale – 5.8%
A beautifully simple Belgian pale ale brewed with biscuit malt and fermented with our Abbey yeast to deliver fruity esters. Hopped with Hull Melon.

Imperial Porter – 7.3%
A stronger version of our porter. Brewed with a healthy dose of amber, dark crystal and black malt. A rich, dark, velvety smooth beer fit for a queen!

Available in single cans to stay:

Divergent #10 – 5.5%
This recipe is from 2017, when we made a Black IPA. It is dry hopped with Columbus and Cascade for a big pine and citrus punch on top of that delicious dark malt.

Coming soon!

January 23 – English Mild – It has been a while but this dark session beer has returned. Clocking in at a massive 3.2% ABV you could, quite literally, drink this all day.

January 30 – Gruit – A beer bittered and flavored without hops. Our brewer, Kevin, developed this recipe and based it on a Scottish Ale. He chose yarrow for bittering and it is flavored with sarsaparilla and juniper berries. And we added local honey, because why not?

February Release: Beverly Common

March Releases: Double IPA, Pale Ale, Irish Red

Cask Schedule (Firkin = 10ish gallons or 80 pints, Pin = 5ish gallons or 40 pints)

December 27 – Firkin of Stout

January 3 – Firkin of Bitter

January 10 – Pin of Stout

January 17 – Pin of Bitter

January 24 – Pin of Tripel

January 31 – Firkin of Mild

I’ll Be Back!

Bastion Brown – 6.3%
A malty brown ale brewed with the Bastion coffee from our game board cafe neighbors The Castle. Pours a beautiful reddish brown with flavors of dark fruit, caramel and coffee.

Wine Barrel Porter – 4.2%
Our porter aged in a red wine barrel. The wine and oak flavors nicely compliment the dark fruit characteristics of our porter.



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