🚨 Saturday, May 29, the state is allowing us to reopen to our new normal. Keep in mind that Thursday and Friday the current rules still apply.
New Rules starting Saturday, May 29:
  1. No more food required with a beer order!! Just come sit down and have a beer! BYOF is encouraged especially on days when we do not have a food truck.
  2. Well behaved dogs will again be allowed inside and outside! We’ve missed your dogs!
  3. You will no longer have to wear a mask inside or out, but absolutely can if you feel more comfortable. Our staff will continue wearing masks as we ease into being fully open.
  4. If you choose to sit outside you will continue to receive table service. Guests inside may order directly at the bar.
  5. Four barstools will be back at the front bar for seating but there will be no congregating allowed at the bar.
  6. We will continue our current cleaning regimen.
And as always, be patient and be kind. This has been one hell of a year. Thank you to all our customers that carried us through the early days and thank you to our new customers that found us and stuck it out. You got us through this. Thank you! And now we get to enjoy our collective effort. Let’s get some beers and drink em! 🍻🍻🍻
— Paul and Christen Gentile —
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