Old Man Winter lingered a bit too long at the proverbial bar and has finally realized it is time to go home and sober up. Help us welcome some warmer spring weather this May and join us at the brewery taproom for beer releases and food events.

New Beers

Friday, May 4

Blonde – Cask – Dry Hopped w/ Zuper Saazer

We took our year-round Blonde Ale, naturally carbonated it in a cask and dry hopped it with a new-to-us variety of hop, Zuper Saazer. We use Tettnang in our Blonde Ale, but Saaz is a traditional hop for Pilsners. Tettnang and Saaz are horticultural cousins just like Blonde and Pilsner are liquid cousins. Zuper Saazer is what Saaz would be if it worked out, spicy, loads of citrus rind but still noble. Think Hans and Franz. They are here to pump you up!


Thursday, May 10

sMAsh 05.10.18

Single Maltser: Valley Malt (Hadley, MA) – Pilsner, 10% Rye, 10% Corn and 10% light caramel malt.
Single Hop Yard: Four Star Farms (Northfield, MA) – Centennial and Magnum

Expect this version to be light in color and palate, a little spicy and a little sweet. The Four Star Farms Magnum will deliver a HUGE punch of pineapple and the Centennial will provide a nice balance of lemon, citrus and pine. It is sessionable too so you can have a couple because it won’t last long.

Thursday, May 17


As summer approaches people want to drink Hefeweizen. Ours is brewed traditionally with 50% wheat, 50% Pilsner malt and a touch of specialty malt for character. And we use a minuscule amount of noble hops to take the edge off of the sweetness. The German yeast we chose is not overpowering but those traditional flavors of banana and clove are present.

Thursday, May 31

Divergent 05.31.18

An infinite series of American IPAs. This version features 100% Munton’s Planet Pale Ale base malt with a touch of acidulated malt and some caramalt for head retention. We chose to go all in with Michigan’s own Hop Head Farms hops: Grüngeist, Hull Melon and Hallertau Blanc. Expect the whole fruit basket with this one!

Taproom Food Events

Friday, May 4 – Jaju Pierogi – 5-8pm

Vanessa and Casey return to the taproom to fry up their Polish dumplings for your culinary pleasure. Come in and congratulate them on their new production facility in Lynn by buying all the pierogi. Dogs and families are welcome. May the fourth order of pierogi be with you.




Saturday, May 5 – In Season – 12-3pm

In Season Food Shop pops up in the taproom on Saturday May 5 from 12-3pm. As it is The Fifth of May, they have crafted an appropriately themed Cinco de Mayo bowl. We obviously haven’t had it yet, but we can assume a grain of some sort, black beans, probably corn, tomato, avocado, a bit of cilantro, lime juice. Hungry yet? Kids and dogs always welcome at Gentile.

Friday, May 11 – Bonetown Burgers – 5-9pm

Daddy’s Bonetown Burgers returns to Beverly for dinner service Friday night. They always have their three beef burgers and one black bean and quinoa patty that is quite scrumptious! And you can usually count on a specialty sandwich and TOTS (maybe fries)! Hail & Grill!!!





Saturday, May 12 – Sweet Lydia’s – 12-3pm

Lydia is bringing some sweet treats to Park Street Saturday from 12-3pm. Among the items she makes are hand crafted s’mores, marshmallow, candy bars and toffee. There is sure to be a little something for everyone young and old. Bring the kids, invite grandma and grandpa and have a nice afternoon indulging in dessert and beer before dinner!

Friday, May 18 – Bon Chon – 5-9pm

Peter and his family return to cook up their Korean wings and potstickers in the taproom! They did this back in November for Paul’s birthday, so if you missed it or didn’t know about it, now is your chance. They were so good the last time and we have been looking forward to when they decided to do it again. And be careful, the spicy is SPICY!

Saturday, May 19 – Alma Caribbean Fusion – 12-3pm

ALMA IS BACK! Their food is so good. If you missed their last pop-up or haven’t been to their super cool restaurant in Beverly yet, do yourself and your friends a favor and go! They will be in the taproom on Saturday from 12-3pm serving up boa (think steamed bun) stuffed with a choice of fillings and jerk wings. You will be so happy you came to this pop-up.

Saturday, May 26 – 3 Kitchens Catering – 4-8pm

3 Kitchens Catering returns to the taproom and they are bringing BBQ. Save your energy this Memorial Day weekend and let them do the cooking. This is a long weekend and you need to pace yourself. We have the beer, they have the smoked meats, all you have do is get to 59 Park St in Beverly between 4 and 8 on Saturday, May 26. You can do it!

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