Join us on Saturday, February 8 from 1-4pm for a new art show opening at the taproom. Brian Gordon will be presenting his latest exhibit of really small art. So small that you need a magnifying glass to really see the detail. So small that he needed a magnifying glass to actually cut and glue the paper. You have to see it to believe it. And to see it, you will need a magnifying glass.

Brian is a father of young kids who have grown up with the Gentile Kids, both at daycare and the taproom. Brian understands the family focus of the Gentile Taproom experience and has created work that is accessible to taproom patrons of every age (and size and species) with smaller magnifying glasses for anyone to use, take home and continue sleuthing. Attendees can expect the fifty little collages to be hung for all experience and height levels. This show is meant to be experienced by all and to allow the viewer to take a minute or ten to block out the world and focus on these little pieces of art.

Additionally, a new food truck to us, but an old friend to Brian, Naco Taco, will be on site slinging tacos, tortas and a variety of sides from 12-4pm. It’s gonna be a party, ya’ll!

Here is a short video, Little Collages, unveiling one of these little collages.


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