We are planning to release a new beer every week in June this year. Read on for details on each brew!

Thursday, June 6 – Kettle Sour Test Batch #2
We are refining our kettle sour recipe and tried something new for Batch #2. (Hey, that rhymes!) This time we soured the wort with grain dust instead of lactobacillus. And we added dried lemon peel to the kettle instead of lemon zest to the fermenter. And we added raspberry puree towards the end of fermentation instead of fresh raspberries. The result is a sourness that is more complex than the laboratory culture and the raspberry aroma and flavor really comes through! Come in, give it a taste and tell us what you think before we scale it up for a summer bottle release.

Thursday, June 13 – Divergent #16 and Hefeweizen in cans
The next batch of Divergent is getting released! We kept the malt and yeast the same as Recipe #15 but this time we hopped it with Loral and Amarillo. The tropical and pineapple aromas are quite present supported nicely by these hops floral characteristics. And you asked for us to can the Hefeweizen. So we did! Available in limited quantities. Come and get it!

Thursday, June 20 – sMAsh
It has been a while since we have made our hyperlocal offering sMAsh. This beer is made with malt from a single maltser and hops from a single hopyard from Massachusetts…(s)ingle (M)altser (A)nd (s)ingle (h)opyard. For this batch we chose Pilsner and triticale malt from Valley Malt and Magnum and Centennial hops from Four Star Farms. Triticale is a rye/wheat hybrid grain that is a bit spicy like rye but also soft like wheat. The hops we chose will deliver heavy pineapple and lemon flavors.

Thursday, June 27 – Helles
A German classic, this light-colored lager is a staple in the beer halls of its native country. Simple ingredients, a distinct maltiness and subtle noble hops bring Germany to Beverly. You will also probably see this beer occasionally offered at the Beer Garden.

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