July is all about BEER at Gentile Brewing. We’re having fewer pop-ups this month, but in exchange we are releasing three new beers including the first ever NEIPA served at Gentile. Read on to find out more!

The Beers

This July is going to be forever known as dry-hopped beer month. We have not one, not two, but THREE dry-hopped beers for your drinking pleasure. And of course we didn’t just make three barely distinguishable beers with “different” hops. We made a saison, a lager and a kolsch with varying strengths and wildly different aromas. Here are the beers that are coming up!

Thursday July 5 – Masonic Grisette

A grisette, from our limited research, has been described as a hoppy saison. What makes ours Masonic, is the use of Liberty hops in honor of our friends at Liberty Lodge Freemasons of Beverly. The Liberty hop is a relative of the German noble hop Hallertau and delivers aromas of floral, spice and citrus. That pairs nicely with our spicy saison yeast and even though it doesn’t drink as dry as our Farmhouse, it is still a delicious summer beer.

Thursday July 19 – India Pale Lager (IPL)

We have a lager strain currently going at the brewery and we thought what could go better during the dog days of summer but an IPL. This beer is a dry-hopped lager with hops from YCH HOPS, including Simcoe and Citra. This beer will be perfect for those back yard cookouts or post-lawn mowing.

Monday July 30 – New England IPA (NEIPA) by Tom Secondo

Tom Secondo won this year’s North Shore Home Brewer competition where each brewer reached into a bucket and pulled out a packet of yeast and then made a beer with that yeast. Tom managed to pull a kölsch yeast. He has also been stubbornly picking away at a crowd-stopping New England IPA recipe. And since kölsch is technically an ale, he decided to go for it. Well, it was a winner and his prize was to brew that exact recipe at the brewery. He and I met a couple of times to talk material and procedure, we scaled the recipe to the “larger” system and let it rip. The result is the first haze-bomb produced at Gentile and at a projected 8% ABV (it is still fermenting). Let’s also not forget that we dumped a stooopid amount of Galaxy and Citra hops into this Bad Larry. We don’t name our beers usually, but this one just might be Bad Larry. Or NEIPK. Or maybe just Tom’s NEIPA.

Beyond the beer during the month of July we have a lot of other fun things going on, including promotions for parking in the MBTA garage, expanded summer hours, new outdoor space, and a few food truck pop-ups

Parking Promotion

You may have heard that the MBTA is lowering the price of parking at the Beverly Depot Garage to $2/day starting August 1. This is huge news and a major win for the City of Beverly! To celebrate, we will be offering a free bar snack to anyone that presents their garage stub from the day of their taproom visit in the month of July and August. We currently offer Brewers Crackers, Moody’s Meat Sticks, Q’s Nuts and Maitland Mountain Farm Pickles, all delicious options that will be more delicious because it will be free! We know that parking is a bit of a challenge here at the taproom so we are hoping this makes it a little bit easier, tastier AND you can get your steps in for the day.

Expanded Summer Hours

Beginning on Sunday, July 8, we will be open on Sundays from 12-5pm. We plan to take this through the summer and reevaluate for the Fall. It is our hope that the extended hours give our existing customers another opportunity to join us during busy summer weekends. Sunday Funday anyone?

The Patio at 59 Park St.

59 Park Street now has outdoor seating, on the sidewalk directly in front of the taproom, for those of you who love sitting in the sun while enjoying a cold brew. Please remember that there is no smoking allowed in any outdoor dining within the city and we encourage you to be respectful of our neighbors.

Gentile Brewing Biergarten at Hale Farm

If you didn’t get a chance to visit our outdoor biergarten at the Hale Farm during last week’s Beverly Gran Prix, you’re not out of luck.  We have to more opportunities for you to enjoy the Gentile Brewing biergarten at the Hale Farm for Historic Beverly‘s annual Shakespeare at the Farm. This year’s performance is Hamlet and will be preformed on Saturday, July 14 and Sunday, July 15. The biergarten will be open from 3-7pm but guests may arrive earlier to enjoy the fabulous property that is The Hale Farm. Fun fact: you do not need to be a member of Historic Beverly to attend this free event. However, please consider becoming a member so that this organization can continue to maintain and improve their properties to the benefit of our community for years to come!

Taproom Pop-ups 

Saturday July 7 – ATTENTION!!!

We are closing early at 8pm so that we can celebrate our fabulous staff! You love them, but, no offense, we love them more! A huge thank you, always, to Emily, Joey, Jon, Fitzy, Steve and Kevin.

Saturday July 14 – Fat Belly BBQ – 12-3pm

Bar-b-que and beer is just so dang good! Thankfully, we have some great options in this area. Fat Belly is bringing their version to our brewery on Saturday for lunch service. Their menu is mouthwatering, complete with pulled pork sammies, brisket, BBQ nachos and meat platters. And ALL the fixins. A little something for everyone! Bring the kids, bring the dog and have a relaxing summer lunch at the taproom!


Friday July 27 – Bacon Truck – 6-9pm

The Bacon Truck rolls up for Friday night dinner and you know they are bringing a crowd. Come join the party at 59 Park St! Keep in mind that this pop up is not planned to start service until 6pm since they need to lug a ton of bacon from the far side of Boston. You all know that drive is never easy on a Friday afternoon, but have you ever done it in a pig truck loaded down with bacon? I didn’t think so.



July is going to be a fun month at the taproom. Free snacks, Sunday hours, great food and three dry-hopped beers! Can summer get much better? Just wait for August…

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