Happy New Year everyone! We hope you all had happy, safe and fun holidays with friends and family. And we would like to welcome you back to the taproom to spend some time with your Gentile Brewing family. Here are some events we have planned at the taproom during January 2020 to jumpstart your year off right, including beer releases every Thursday and we’re tapping different casks of real ale every Friday. We’ve also got some of your favorite food vendors returning to the taproom. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

Thursday, January 2 – Beer Release: Imperial Porter
We brewed a porter fit for a queen! This Imperial Porter is rich and velvety smooth with flavors of bitter chocolate. It is strong too, 7.3% ABV, and is the perfect beer for these cold winter nights. Also, we had an empty tap line, so we released it a few days early. You’re welcome.

Friday, January 3 – Cask of Bitter and Chez Rafiki Mediterranean Food Truck – 5-9pm
Chez Rafiki returns to the taproom with his wonderful selection of gyros, shawarma and falafel. There is also Mediterranean poutine if you feel so inclined. Oh, and we will have a cask of bitter tapped which should pair beautifully with the flavors of the Fertile Crescent.

Saturday, January 4 – Staff Brew Limited Release: Fitzengiggle – 4pm
Next up in our staff brew series is from Fitzy. Fitzengiggle is a robust hybrid beer inspired by German Maibock and Belgian Strong Ale. This beer is malty and full-bodied, with delightful aromatics from German Tettnanger and Hallertau Mittelfruh, and the rich flavors that can only be accomplished from Belgian yeast! Coming in at 6.5% and 25 IBU’s, stop in Saturday starting at 4:00 to meet Fitz and try out this limited release!

Thursday, January 9 – Beer Release: sMAsh Stout
We have been trying out some of the specialty malts from our local malt producer, Valley Malt in Hadley, and this time we made a stout. This beer is designed to be slightly heavier on the palate with flavors of chocolate from the malts and strawberry from the Pepite hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield. It will replace our year-round stout for a limited time.

Friday, January 10 – Cask of Stout and Empanada Dada – 5-9pm
Join us as we tap a small cask (pin) of our year round stout and welcome Empanada Dada back to the taproom for their recurring second-Friday-of-the-month appearance. Real ale and real good food will make for a real good time. Don’t miss out!

Saturday, January 11 – Butter “UR” Biscuit – 2-6pm
Our favorite new food truck is back for 2020! Their chicken and waffles is divine and there is always something new on the menu for you to try. Come in for a perfect Saturday late lunch/early dinner and a coupla beers.

Thursday, January 16 – Beer Release: Belgian Pale Ale
This is a new beer for us. A beautifully simple pale ale fermented with our Abbey yeast. It pours a nice light orange, minimally hopped with a Hüll Melon and has the wonderful fruity esters of the Belgian yeast. If you are missing the American Table Beer, this one is for you!

Friday, January 17 – Cask of Bitter
We have a small cask (pin) of our English Bitter left and will be tapping it for when we open at 4pm. If you like real ale, get here early because this will go fast. We wouldn’t want you to miss it.

Saturday, January 18 – Empanada Dada – 4-8pm
A rare Saturday appearance for Rob and his food truck. If his normal Fridays don’t work for you, come in a give it a try. You won’t be sad.

Sunday, January 19 – Cardio Barre 11-12pm and Wire Art Class 1-3pm
Come early for the physical workout and stay for the creative workout. Tickets are required for both and can be found through Facebook in the links above. The art class will be lead by local artist Ryan Kelly who will buy you a beer with the purchase of your ticket. And of course there will be more beer. Always more beer at the taproom.

Thursday, January 23 – Beer Release: English Mild
Our local population of Brits have been asking for this beer to return and we happy to report that it has. We have not made it in forever and it is better than we remember! This beer pours a light brown with nice malt flavors and only about 3.2% ABV. This is the ultimate session beer and should be a nice relief after all the higher alcohol beers we have had on tap recently.

Friday, January 24 – Cask of Tripel and Butter “UR” Biscuit – 5-9pm
Speaking of high alcohol beers, we have a pin of tripel that we will be tapping that we primed with maple syrup way back in July. This is the raw tripel, fully fermented but not barrel aged. And Butter “UR” Biscuit is back from Friday night service. Order off-menu (fried chicken on a biscuit) and you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, January 25 – Closing at 6pm – Staff Outing
As you should know by now, our staff members are awesome. Trustworthy, courteous, kind, and cheerful. All the things you want in an employee and a bartender. We, and you, say thank you to them all the time but they deserve a Saturday night all to themselves and all together. Come in early for beers and then we are taking them out on the town! Watch out Beverly.

Thursday, January 30 – Beer Release: Gruit
So, this Saturday is International Gruit Day and we brewed one to celebrate with the world. Our brewer, Kevin, designed this “beer” and we are really anxious for you all to try it. For those that do not know, a gruit is a fermented malt beverage flavored without hops. This is how beer was bittered and flavored for centuries before hops were discovered and cultivated for beer making. Kevin chose yarrow for bittering and sarsaparilla and juniper berries for flavor and aroma. Based on an English Strong Ale and fermented with our Kölsch yeast, expect this beer to pour a light orange with herbaceous flavors of vanilla, wintergreen, pine and citrus with the fruity yeast notes in the background.

Friday, January 31 – Cask of Mild
Mild on cask is the ultimate in British beer. Not much can top that. Join us for the final cask of the month.

Caution: Old Picture. Taproom and Brewer are not accurate representations of their current selves.


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