Gruit Ale is a fermented malt beverage bittered and flavored without hops. Instead, it uses a combination of different herbs (also called a gruit) to deliver those characteristics. It releases at the taproom on January 30, 2020 at 4pm ahead of International Gruit Day on February 1.

But Portsmouth is so far! Our brewer, Kevin, developed a recipe and we made it right here in Beverly, MA. The recipe is based on a Scottish Strong Ale and uses yarrow, sarsaparilla and juniper berries for bitterness and flavor. We also added about a gallon of local honey. Our K├Âlsch yeast fermented to 6.4% ABV and delivers a nice fruit forward element. We usually stick to classic styles here at Gentile but we also like to educate our customers on beers they may have never heard of or tried. Basically, we wanted to do something different. We hope you enjoy it!

Wikipedia has a short article if you would like to learn more and Earth Eagle Brewings up in Portsmouth, NH typically has a couple of options on tap to try.

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