This year, on March 4th at 4:00pm, the taproom will officially be 5 years old. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was cold and doing the normal New England March weather thing where it snows and then sleets and then rains and then snows again. We were nervous that no one was going to show up. We were nervous that people would not like the beer. We were worried that we weren’t ready.

But people did show up. Wow, did they show up. And people liked the beer. Seemingly because they still come back to drink it. But that last one, yeah, that was true. We were not ready at all. On that day, we were overwhelmed. Actually physically overwhelmed because we were severely understaffed (shout out to our friends and family that helped us that night) but also emotionally overwhelmed with the amount of support that our community showed to us that night.

Most of the people that came didn’t know me and Christen at all. They weren’t doing us some favor. We were this new thing in Beverly called a “taproom” and people were curious. They were curious about what it was, who was going to be there and the elephant in the room, how was the beer? Of course, taprooms weren’t new and neither was craft beer. I mean, it was only five years ago. But in Beverly, at that time in 2016, there was not another taproom between Everett to the south and Gloucester to the north. And going west, you might have had to travel all the way to Framingham. We took a chance starting this new thing in Beverly and it sure has paid off. From the customer that has only made it in one time to our Mug Club members who we see almost every week, thank you so much for your support and we hope to see you back soon.

To celebrate this milestone for our business we wanted to release a bunch of beers. So, first, we had to brew a bunch of beers. And in normal taproom times, some of these beers would be draft only, some can only and others a combination. But since we are operating in these Covid-times, everything is going in cans. Mark your calendar for the following two dates.

Thursday, February 18 and Thursday, March 11.

So, what are you getting? Buckle your chin strap.

The February Release

Fresh cans of Blonde Ale: one of our year round beers and a taproom favorite
A new batch of Bastion Brown: a coffee brown in collaboration with The Castle Board Game Cafe (it uses their coffee)
A new batch of Chaos Pale Ale: a dry hopped pale ale using the Chaos hop from Four Star Farms
A new beer to cans, Belgian Pale Ale: an elegant biscuit-forward pale ale fermented with an Abbey yeast

The March Release

The return of West Coast DIPA: malty and bitter, hopped with Cascade and Centennial
The return of English Bitter: a classic English pub beer
A new beer to cans, Irish Red: A nice red ale to pair with the bitter, our year round stout and some corned beef
A new beer Spring Sour: our take on a gose, a kettle soured ale flavored with coriander and salt
A new beer Italian Pilsner: a dry hopped pilsner (Perle and Calista)

We are also trying to put something together for our actual anniversary weekend. A virtual something. Mostly because we can’t plan anything outside that weekend because the weather is typically horrendous. Seriously, every anniversary weekend we have had, the weather has been awful. Cold. Windy. Usually some form (or all) of precipitation. Just like our opening weekend. And Emily is going to book a food vendor for some take out options and then to also have food on site in case the weather decides, on the off chance, to cooperate.

So, we hope you enjoy the beer and we will see you around the way!

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