Brewing beer isn’t something that all of our team does on the regular. If you’ve been in at all in the last 3 plus years you know that the majority of our team works in the taproom serving you up your favorite brews. We thought it would be fun to get them involved in the back of the house and boom a new beer series was born. It’s our employee beer series. It sort of started when Christen, our co-owner, and Emily, our taproom manager brewed this year’s Pink Boots Brew. Their IPL was a hit and sold out quickly (which reminds us that we should probably make that again!). 

The next team member who took on the task of brewing is Jon, who you can usually find behind the bar on Saturdays. Jon wanted to create something seasonal but different. And thus, Olde Onkle Jonny was born.

Olde Onkel Jonny is a hybrid between a German-style märzen and an English brown ale. It was malted with Euro pilnser, Munich malt, and Crystal 45, hopped with Magnum and Tettnang and finished with lemon zest and Grains of Paradise. It comes in at 6.5% and is full bodied and leaves a light pepper flavor in the finish.
We’ve only got a little bit of this limited release. Stop in today, try it before it’s gone and tell Uncle Jonny what you think!

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